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Infoline on workdays from 09:00 to 18:00  + 421 902 722 945

Obchodná 39, Bratislava 1 - It is part of the pedestrian zone. Between 2005 and 2006 it was completely renovated, with a pavement on the whole street as well as the tram track tracks. Nearby the famous Hotel Crowne Plaza smoothly crosses with a Poštová street that is currently rebuilt on the pedestrian zone, thus creates a representative urban space, suitable for walks and relaxation. The street led from the Michal Gate to the Schöndorf Gate, located on the outdoor palisade fortification of the city. Current houses come from about the 18th century to the present.

According to some authors, it is fully identical to the medieval (end of the 13th century). Regardless of whether it was, since the 15th century trade street was often referred to directly by the name of this former settlement, ie Schöndorf.

We provide the company's headquarters in our own real estate. For this reason, we can guarantee long-term provision of our services without risk.


Interest and foreign companies are also interested in these services, which need to register their company in Slovakia. Indeed, the model of classic offices ceases to be effective and flexible for the needs of many traders who do not have to spend the entry and operational costs for the long-term rental of premises, the technical equipment of the office and employment in the office administrative staff.


Benefits of virtual office:

  • Budget Registration Headquarters
  • prestige, image companies in the capital of the Slovak Republic
  • Minimize costs to office
  • Anonymity - In the capital is statistically most companies in Slovakia
  • Outsourcing management and storage correspondence
  • a minor chance of tax control
  • forwarding postal items abroad
  • Other services under agreement





Service Packages for a Virtual Office


   Services   I   II   III   IV  
   min. 12 months
  min. 12 months   min. 12 months    min. 12 months  
  Registration of the address of the office          
   Labelling - mailbox          
   Receipt of mail to the mailbox          
   Email notification on received mail            
   Sending the letters by post once a month (Slovakia)            

 Scanning and sending via Viber, WhatsApp 20 pc/month


   Personal collection of the letters and parcels                
   Monthly fee   7€   12€   20€   30€  






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